Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Let Your Voices Be Heard! Use Empathy

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to e-Commerce than the technical aspect. Enabling your consumers to navigate efficiently into your webpage is one factor that could make or break your chances to succeed in this business. Nonetheless, this is not the only factor that could help you stand out in the World Wide Web. Since there are so many Internet sites out there that sell a wide range of products, it is vital that you never stop looking for areas that could and should be improved. Through this, you can guarantee that your traffic will turn into leads.

E-Commerce: Why Empathy Is NOT Enough

Empathy is simply understanding or feeling the emotions and mind-set of another person or group. Sense the perspective of your target market by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.

While a lot of entrepreneurs practice empathy, this may not be enough to help you fully understand your consumers. Remember that even when you are empathizing, you are also making yourself more vulnerable to placing more importance on your subjective opinions.

Simply put, instead of putting yourself on the shoes of your customers, it is best that you let them wear their own shoes by personally asking them their opinions regarding your online shop. Go interactive and never be afraid (or embarrassed) to ask them to post the strengths and weaknesses of your site. Learn to listen to how they feel instead of merely anticipating the possibilities. Through this, you can efficiently communicate with your consumers and help them voice out their opinions.

Connect with your Customers

Now, before you run tests on your site, analyze your business and your customers first. What do they want? What should you keep and what aspects of your page should you forego? It makes no sense to run tests on your site if you haven’t organized a concept yet. Once you have fully identified the areas you need to develop, initiate a dry run. There are many ways that will enable you to understand you clients, and if you still don’t have a clue, below are some tips that will help you get to know your consumers more.

  • Conduct a Survey: A lot of entrepreneurs think that surveys are already a thing of the past, but they’re not. There are a lot of survey tools that could help you monitor the efficiency of your site, as well as the reasons consumers purchase a certain product. Do not forget to keep your survey sheets concise, especially since a lot of consumers don’t like spending too much time answering survey sheets.

  • Direct Chat Interactions: To know your consumers, you need to talk to them and ask them common problems that they are encountering in your site whenever they are buying a certain product. This will help you pinpoint weak aspects of your page. Likewise, chat interactions will make your consumers feel safe and secure since they know that they can always run to you in times that they come across problems during their transactions.

  • Ask for Feedback Comments: A lot of website owners are afraid to ask for feedback because of the possibility that their customers might post negative or derogatory comments on their site. But this is a risk that each website should take in order to have a feel of what their visitors are thinking and feeling when they enter your website.

Never neglect the importance of reaching out to your customers. This will help you dramatically improve your site in every aspect, helping you build a ladder to successful entrepreneurship.

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